Episode 3: Mapping the Modern City

Planet Underground TV talks with HBK Engineering’s CEO, Ron Kaminski, and VP, Eric Bergstrom, as they talk about the advantages of mapping a complex underground utility network in a modern city like Chicago.

Episode 2: A 3-D Future

A single comprehensive 3D digital “print” of underground utility infrastructure would greatly benefit all parties involved in design, surveying, mapping and construction activity and make a great damage prevention tool. Capturing and storing accessible underground utility data for present and future use would jump start damage prevention from planning phase through construction. Cost savings through …

The Concept of a Utility Mapping Repository

Cross-verified information equals fewer mistakes on any excavation site. Excavators benefit from a combination of accurate utility design data and accurate locates.

Data Security

HBK Engineering CEO, Ron Kaminski makes a great point that in the act of gathering and storing vast amounts of valuable surveying and mapping data, this is leading to an increased need internally for data security and a larger IT infrastructure to maintain it.

Chicago’s Office of Underground Coordination

Greg Preisch from Electric Conduit Construction makes a great point – having maps provided from the OUC on a dig site helps tremendously in avoiding damages.

Improved efficiency in mapping

HBK professionals discuss the various ways that high accuracy facility infrastructure data within consolidated base maps can improve the design, construction and maintenance of underground utilities.

Reinventing the wheel

Join Planet Underground TV in this discussion with HBK Engineering’s Eric Bergstrom about the potential future of utility locating. This video explores three-dimensional base maps and Chicago’s Office of Underground Coordination (UOC).

OUC & HBK – Improving safety through coordination

Eric Bergstrom from HBK discusses the advantage of working in conjunction with the Chicago Office of Underground Coordination to streamline verification of underground utility location in a large urban center like Chicago.

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