That Data Highway: The Roundtable 2022

It may not be The Matrix, but the mapping of our utility infrastructure, and how to get there, is a hot topic of conversation in the industry today. Roundtable discussions this year weighed heavily towards questions of data analytics and data sharing, the role of 811 centers and “the cloud” as a gatekeeper for that data, and the evolving roles of utility contractors, locators and facility owners in how utility location data is captured, stored and reused to improve the overall effectiveness of damage prevention. Ultimately, safety is the goal. Technology can help get us there, but communication between stakeholders may be even more important to prevent costly and potentially dangerous line strikes. Read on for exciting dialogue from The Roundtable 2022!

“Where will all this collected data go, and who will maintain it?”
-Planet Underground

This October, Planet Underground teamed up with Texas 811 for the first time ever to host The Roundtable at The Texas811 Damage Prevention Summit. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the new relationship we built with Texas811 and the largest ever audience joining the discussions via live stream on YouTube. It was the second year of live streaming, and a great opportunity for industry members to join in with comments and questions from around the country. The Summit showroom offered the perfect setting for each four-person table, with a setup and lighting reminiscent of 1980s TV sports shows. This year too, we welcomed many companies and individuals who had never participated on a Roundtable before, and all the newcomers offered insightful, energized commentary to the discussions!

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