Meet in the Middle - Planet Underground at the Utility Expo 2021
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LIVE STREAMING – FROM BROADBENT ARENA September 28th – 8:30am to 3:00pm
September 29th – 8:30am to 3:00pm
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About the Event

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The Roundtable is a series of four-person unscripted conversations focusing on the risk of excavation damage to underground utilities. Seated at tables face to face, participants from various parts of the utility industry discuss strategies designed to protect workers and the public from potentially catastrophic excavation related accidents.

Each session is themed and begins with a moderator’s toss-up question, but where the conversation ultimately leads is up to the participants. They may not always agree, but they always meet in the middle with their honest and insightful thoughts regarding excavation safety.

A post-event video will be available to watch free on the Planet Underground YouTube channel!

Floor Map for The Roundtable (inside Broadbent Arena)


Sponsorship is open to any organization, and top sponsors of The Jobsite are included as sponsors of The Roundtable. Please contact us for additional information and questions.

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