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Thank You All for Joining Us in 2023!

The Roundtable at the 2023 Texas811 Summit

Contractors, locators, software developers, asset owners, one-calls and others seeking efficient, effective solutions to underground utility damage prevention came together this year for an engaging, non-scripted, honest conversation about trending key topics in the field. It is through peer-to-peer knowledge sharing that true progress can be made to improving the safety of workers and the public.

We’d like to thank Texas811 for hosting this great event for the 2nd year and all our sponsors for your dedicated support to damage prevention. Without you, this event could not be possible.

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The Roundtable 2023

About the Event

The Roundtable is a series of four-person unscripted conversations focusing on the risk of excavation damage to underground utilities. Seated at tables face to face, participants from various parts of the utility industry discuss strategies designed to protect workers and the public from potentially catastrophic excavation related accidents.

Each session is themed and begins with a moderator’s toss-up question, but where the conversation ultimately leads is up to the
participants. They may not always agree, but they always meet in the middle with their honest and insightful thoughts regarding excavation safety.


The Roundtable would not be possible without our many great sponsors! Click on the buttons below to choose your level of support. 

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