The Importance of Complete SUE Investigations

There are several risks that might prevent a project from being completed in a safe manner, on time and within the construction budget. These risks typically include permits, right-of-way acquisitions, unsecured construction easements, unexpected or changing site conditions, and utility conflicts and protection. This article will emphasize a way to mitigate the risks associated with utility conflicts and protection. We believe that proper utility identification prior to the construction notice to bid will lead to projects being constructed safely, on time, within the construction budget and with minimal disruptions to the services provided by the utility companies. 

Utility identification should begin with the planning and design development phase of a project. Before we move into how to incorporate utility identification into the planning and design development process, we should review the levels of utility identification per ASCE 38-02. This standard is expected to be updated in 2020 as ASCE 38-20. Here are the current guidelines: 

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