Status of ASCE Standard Guideline for the Collection and Depiction of Existing Subsurface Utility Data (38-02)

ASCE 38 has served well since 2002. However, practice and technology changes, and ASCE 38 will change with the times. The title will change slightly to be more inclusive of designer’s needs for both underground and related overhead utilities to be depicted, and for other types of documentations beside just line work on a CAD file. Hence, we believe the new title will be “Standard Guideline for Investigating and Documenting Existing Utilities.” There will be plenty of commentary and graphic examples so that there is less chance of taking individual clauses out of context with the practice intent. Since vaults can take up significant space, there will be a specific section on how they should be investigated and depicted. As we move towards 3D models, there needs to be a discussion on how we will handle depth attributes, so we’ve included that item. Enhanced and new definitions will be in there, and a discussion of the two types of deliverables: Sealed Utility Drawings and Utility Reports.

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