Episode 23: The Language of Locating

In the underground utility construction business, the location of pipe and cables is important to everyone on the job, whether you’re a locator or not. As of right now, the people who do locating fall into four categories: Public, Private, SUE, and Crew. The good news is, for the first time, there is a platform where you can learn knowledge of locating and underground utility systems. From China, to Australia, to the US and beyond, the language of locating is universal, and everyone needs to know it. We can establish standards for locators and contractors across the board in hopes of filtering out unqualified workers, therefore reducing damages. But until EVERYONE in the field has the proper training and education of how underground utility systems work, we will not see much change. And this education must be continual throughout everyone’s careers.

As you will see in these Roundtables, it is not just locators who need to know where all the utilities are, it’s everyone involved. Whether you are Public, Private, SUE or Crew, you all speak the same language…and that, is the Language of Locating.

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