The Roundtable for Contractors
HBK A Quanta Services Company

New and Live! The Roundtable for Contractors

HBK Engineering, 1pm, May 9 2024, Chicago IL

We know contractors have a lot to say about today’s 811 system, but are almost always outnumbered at industry events. It’s finally time to tell their story, and we think this is something unique within the industry. Conversations will be both live streamed and recorded for placement on social media. Although utility company personnel, one-call center, or 811 locating companies companies cannot participate, they are welcome to attend the event as audience members to ask questions, and attend the after show networking. Only contractors and those that support contractors can sponsor. This event will also feature a happy hour and dinner so the conversation can keep on going after the cameras are turned off!

We’d like to thank HBK Engineering for hosting this Roundtable for the 1st time and thank our sponsors for your dedicated support to damage prevention. Without you, this event could not be possible!

About the Event

The Roundtable for Contractors will be a series of four-person unscripted conversations focusing on avoiding risks of excavation damage to underground utilities. Seated at tables face to face, participants from various parts of the underground utility contracting industry are invited to discuss the unique challenges in their day to day work impacting safety, damage prevention, utilization of new technologies and other topics.

Each session is themed and begins with a moderator’s toss-up question, but where the conversation ultimately leads is up to the
participants. They may not always agree, but they always meet in the middle with their honest and insightful thoughts regarding excavation related topics. We’d like to thank industry expert Jemmie Wang of Bizmetrix for moderating the discussions and audience Q&A.

Live Stream Links

The Roundtable for Contractors is available to stream on YouTube and LinkedIn. Use links below to watch.

YouTube Live Stream
Linked In Live Stream


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