Episode 7 The American Locator
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Episode 7: The American Locator

Planet Underground TV’s Episode 7: The American Locator features three veteran locators working in St. Paul, MN. Xcel Energy’s Frank Mariano is one of only several hundred utility-employed locators in the U.S. that are assigned to protect buried infrastructure in urban cores. Jon Moulton and Joshua Richard of Q3 Contracting team up to demonstrate the return on investment that professional locators give utility contractors as they work in older, crowded and challenging below ground environments.

In addition to featuring an article on these three men, our end-of-year Accident Review issue of American Locator features an array of utility damages that continue to impede the effectiveness of the American damage prevention system. American Locator magazine continues to expand its journalistic approach within an industry that is in need of accelerated change. To keep up-to-date on our latest investigations, subscribe today.

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