More Than One Way to Locate

In our last three issues, we presented screenshots and transcripts direct from the Staking University Locator Certification Curriculum videos, beginning with Locating Instruments: The Basics. The Basics created a bridge of knowledge between the experienced and more novice operator—introducing locating concepts, allowing viewers to ease into the learning system, and providing a strong foundation for more advanced concepts. For someone new to locating, it’s a great way to understand some of the universal elements of the trade that are widely accepted and practiced in the industry.

In this issue, we explore topics from the Locating Instruments category: Conductive and Induction. Learn when to choose and how to best utilize different methods of locating underground assets. Some of the key areas explored in Conductive locating include: current flow, conductive transmitting antenna, locating a tracer wire/close-end, far-end ground. Some key areas examined in Inductive locating include: how to get started, inductive coupler, inductive transmitting antenna, locating the primary/200kHz, locating the secondary/33 kHz, and 40 feet of distance.

We hope you enjoy this issue’s topics, and as always, we welcome your input. Please follow us on Linked In, YouTube and Facebook for the latest updates.



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