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American Locator – Volume 31, Issue 6


Another year, another damage, another death…We would love to say what a difference a year makes, but here we are one year later, and the same things keep happening over and over again. In Volume 31-6, Accident Review 2017, Planet Underground analyses a number of excavating related accidents and why we chose them. Utilities continue to be mis-marked, calls to 811 are not always made, maps are not getting updated, laws are not being changed, and underground lines are still being struck at record levels – what is the solution? How many times must power go out, traffic stop, phone service be disrupted, or people be injured before the government, or industry leaders, will sit up, take notice and act? We also look into the public face of utility damages and discuss contractors as leaders for change in our industry.

Read also, an eye opening interview with Stephanie Menning of MUCA and the world of damage prevention in the eye of contractors, a summary of our filming with Q3 contracting in St. Paul, Minnesota, case studies in GPR and more!


View from the Streets
Another Year, Another Damage, Another Death

Digging Dangers
Cambry, IN
Elyria, OH
Grove, OK
Lancaster, PA
Seattle, WA

Digging Dangers
Danger in Dixon

Planet Underground TV
Minnesota Madness! Super Bowl and Super Crews

Excavation Safety
Still Searching for “Shared Responsibility” – An Interview with Stephanie Menning of MUCA

Excavation Safety
A Cautionary Tale: Utility Strikes Lurk Beneath

Locating Technology
Taming the Unknown: Using GPR to Reduce Subsurface Project Risk

Locating Technology
Going Beyond Utility Locates: Using GPR to Ensure Damage Prevention