Episode 6: Designing Zero Damages

In Episode 6: Designing Zero Damages we take a look at what goes into the design and safe construction of a vital infrastructure project with HBK Engineering in downtown Chicago. We talk with an HBK locator mapping fiber locates into a GIS mapping system and interview HBK VP Jim Jackson on a fiber job in …

Episode 5: Little Giants, Big Hearts – Canton Rebuilds

Little Giants, Big Hearts: Canton Rebuilds On November 16th, 2016, a utility excavator accidentally struck a gas line, allowing gas to escape into the historic Opera House in Canton, IL, eventually igniting and leveling a nearby building. The explosion killed one utility worker and injured nearly a dozen people, including a one-call locator who was …

Planet Underground TV: Episode 4

In Episode 4 we film Electric Conduit Construction as they meet critical infrastructure challenges near Chicago’s O’Hare airport. Listen to professionals from SeeScan and their work on developing the next generation of EM locators, and go onsite with INTREN looking into construction and revitalization in the historic Fulton Market neighborhood of Chicago. Plus, view excerpts from the 2017 Planet Underground annual Roundtable event Panel.

Planet Underground TV: Episode 3

New! In Episode 3, we feature excavators on the front line of damage prevention, a look into the benefits and challenges of GPR locating, and examine the benefits of consolidation of utility data mapping in Chicago.

Planet Underground TV: Episode 2

In Episode 2, Planet Underground TV discusses boring techniques, the evolution and need for 3-D mapping, and the value of a shovel on any jobsite.

Planet Underground TV: Episode 1

Planet Underground TV analyzes locating equipment, characteristics of safe excavation, and damage prevention through teamwork and communication.

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