Episode 16: The Locating Life

In Episode 16, The Locating Life, Planet Underground TV follows personnel from USIC and On The Spot Utility Resources as they work to prevent utility excavation related damages on a daily basis. Join us as we follow Michael Toepke, USIC locator, as he completes a typical suburban locate job and talks obstacles and challenges that …

Episode 15: Joint Trenching in Chicago

In Episode 15, Planet Underground TV takes you onsite with two crews from Electric Conduit Construction performing a joint trenching installation for four different communications companies along Fullerton Ave in Chicago. The job started in front of Lincoln Park Zoo, and the complications were endless: heavy traffic, pedestrians, abandoned lines, unmarked utilities, etc. This episode …

Episode 14: Assume the Position

In Episode 14: Assume the Position, we cover The Roundtable event at Planet Underground, an annual damage prevention networking and industry debate forum, and how topics discussed here are becoming a vehicle for industry action. The Roundtable is the most fascinating event in damage prevention and excavation safety because nobody knows what anyone is going …

Episode 13: Locating – Trust But Verify

In Locating – Trust But Verify, discover locators on the job who are passionate about the work they do to keep their crews and communities safe while undertaking the important work of locating and verifying the position of underground utilities.

Episode 12: 17 Common Sense Heroes

Planet Underground President, Mike Parilac, narrates the story of those individuals and companies doing damage prevention right – safely, the first time, and every time. These are the “common sense heroes” for underground utility excavation. How they conduct their work is instructional for everyone in the underground utility world.

Episode 11: Sun Prairie Strong, History Gone

The Sun Prairie Strong motto unites residents recovering from the shock of an underground gas line explosion that destroyed part of historic downtown Sun Prairie WI. The human costs of these very preventable underground utility strike accidents can be extremely high.

Episode 10: The Race to 5G

Busy streets, pedestrians everywhere, crowded right of ways, abandoned utilities and endless fiber installs with little room underground to spare. This is most likely how any excavator digging in Chicago would describe the Race to 5G in 2018. And with this work, its most important to design and execute efficiently. That’s why we featured HBK …

Episode 9: Candid Cameras

An often overlooked, but critical part of damage prevention is cross bore mitigation. We’ll take you on a journey with the crews of Pipe View America and Blood Hound Underground, honest and unscripted, as they dive into the critically important work behind sewer line inspections.

Episode 8: State of the Union

Planet Underground TV’s Episode 8: State of the Union features a select group of interviews and table discussions from The Roundtable at Planet Underground, Manteno IL December 2017. Over 100 individuals from nearly 60 companies representing every segment of utility construction attended this one of a kind industry event.

Episode 7: The American Locator

Planet Underground TV’s Episode 7: The American Locator features three veteran locators working in St. Paul, MN. Xcel Energy’s Frank Mariano is one of only several hundred utility-employed locators in the U.S. that are assigned to protect buried infrastructure in urban cores. Jon Moulton and Joshua Richard of Q3 Contracting team up to demonstrate the …

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