Episode 16: The Locating Life

March 12th, 2020 | Featured Episodes, Locating

In Episode 16, The Locating Life, Planet Underground TV follows personnel from USIC and On The Spot Utility Resources as they work to prevent utility excavation related damages on a daily basis. Join us as we follow Michael Toepke, USIC locator, as he completes a typical suburban locate job and talks obstacles and challenges that can arise. Join us at the forefront of the world of locating and explore sides of the profession that many are unfamiliar with. When it comes to locating, it’s important to know how to properly assess your surroundings, communicate with everyone around you, understand the type of property you’re working on, and follow a reliable routine with known success. Most importantly, you have to be prepared for unexpected variables.

Join us as we get an in-depth, educational perspective on the life and best practices of a utility locator.

For more on “The Locating Life” watch Episode 7: The American Locator.

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