Volume 33 Issue 5

November 2019

In Volume 33 Issue 5, read our editorial on the Common Ground Alliance 2018 DIRT Report. The CGA’s annual DIRT report provides a summary and analysis of the events submitted into CGA’s Damage Information Reporting Tool (DIRT) for the year 2018. Damages are up again?? At Planet Underground, we’ve repeatedly sought to tackle the how’s and why’s of ineffective and effective damage prevention, and instituted action for positive change via our annual Roundtable Events. Read more about The Roundtable in American Locator past issues, or on our website.

_ Case Studies in HDD from Electric Conduit Construction and Miller Pipeline/Vermeer.
– Verifying locator accuracy when neighboring infrastructure confuses the target
– PUTV goes on the road with USIC for a first hand look at a day in the life of a locator on the job in rural/suburban areas.
– 2D multi-frequency GPR systems – another tool in the toolkit for utility locating
– Increasing pipeline construction tie-in safety
– Planet Underground joins education efforts at ICUEE