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Volume 33, Issue 6:
January 2020

In Volume 33-6 we bring you commentary,
frank opinion, insights, and photos putting a spotlight
on damage prevention for today’s utility locators,
excavators and engineers. Inside: damages across the nation,
state-by-state in 2019, tackling sinkholes, one woman’s bio,
GPR case studies, 811 in question, and more!

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The Locating Life

In Planet Underground TV’s Episode 16: The Locating Life, Planet Underground TV follows personnel from USIC and On The Spot Utility Resources as they work to prevent utility excavation related damages on a daily basis. We follow Michael Toepke, a USIC locator, as he completes a typical suburban locate job and details some of the unexpected obstacles and challenges that arise. Explore sides of the locating profession that many are unfamiliar with!

Joint Trenching in Chicago

In Planet Underground TV’s Episode 15: Joint Trenching in Chicago, Planet Underground TV takes you onsite with two crews from Electric Conduit Construction performing a joint trench installation for communications companies in Chicago. Complications were endless: heavy traffic, pedestrians, abandoned lines, unmarked utilities, etc. We show how utility owners and municipalities can save when they communicate and work together. Joint builds benefit the public, utility owners, and contractors…Everybody wins!

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