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Volume 32-Issue 2, April 2018:
Future Tech Trends

Mapping, tracking, data storage, virtual reality, training advances/changes and product innovations…where will our industry be in the next 5-10 years? In Volume 32-2, Future Tech Trends discover the National Excavator Initiative, UTTO’s Locate Simulator, ticket risk analytics, Nashville’s Google Fiber coordination efforts, sewer cams onsite, technology transcripts from The Roundtable 2017 and more!


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State of the Union

Planet Underground TV’s Episode 8: State of the Union features a select group of interviews and table discussions from The Roundtable 2017 at Planet Underground. Listen to frank, outspoken commentary on the state of underground utility excavation safety today – and where it needs to go into the future. More than just a trade show, The Roundtable is a force for real change in the industry. Find out more in Vol.32 Issue 1 of American Locator. Subscribe today!

The American Locator

Planet Underground TV’s Episode 7 features three veteran locators working in St. Paul, MN. Xcel Energy’s Frank Mariano is one of only several hundred utility-employed locators in the U.S. that are assigned to protect buried infrastructure in urban cores. Jon Moulton and Joshua Richard of Q3 Contracting team up to demonstrate the return on investment that professional locators give utility contractors as they work in older, crowded and challenging below ground environments. Find out more in Vol.31 Issue 6 of American Locator. Subscribe today!

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