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Volume 32-Issue 3, June/July 2018:
Global Damage Prevention

In Volume 32-3, Global Damage Prevention 2018 discover the National Excavator Initiative’s exciting new media collaboration, a bold editorial on a new way of thinking on damage prevention, Vermeer as a leader in innovation, GPR tips and techniques, global standards, a transcript from The Roundtable 2017 and more!


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The Race to 5G

In Planet Underground TV’s Episode 10: The Race to 5G, watch the process it takes, from engineering to construction, to install small cell node panels on light poles to provide residents in Chicago with the latest in 5G high speed internet. The crews of Electric Conduit Construction make safety and efficiency a top priority in the crowded infrastructure underground of the big city.

Candid Cameras

Planet Underground TV’s Episode 9: Candid Cameras features an often overlooked, but critical part of damage prevention: cross bore mitigation. We’ll take you on a journey with the crews of Pipe View America and Blood Hound Underground, honest and unscripted, as they dive into the critically important work behind sewer line inspections. Find out more in Vol.32 Issue 2 of American Locator. Subscribe today!

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