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Volume 33-Issue 1:
March 2019

In Volume 33-1 we bring you commentary,
frank opinion, insight, photos and a full transcript
from The Roundtable 2018 at Planet Underground.
We propose 6 top positions for industry action now
taken from The Roundtable’s best discussions.

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Locating: Trust But Verify

In Planet Underground TV’s Episode 13: Locating – Trust But Verify – locators on the job express their passion for the important work of locating and verifying the position of underground utilities to keep communities safe. Locators are tasked with discovering problems, BEFORE they become much bigger problems during excavation. Trust in good locator training programs, but verify with strong audit programs.

17 Common Sense Heroes

In Planet Underground TV’s Episode 12: 17 Common Sense Heroes – Planet Underground President, Mike Parilac, narrates the story of those individuals and companies doing damage prevention right – safely, the first time, and every time. These are the “common sense heroes” for underground utility excavation. How they conduct their work is instructional for everyone in the underground utility world.

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