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Volume 31-Issue 6, December 2017:
Accident Review

In Volume 31-6, we highlight utility excavation accidents of note in 2017. Utilities mis-marked, calls to 811 not made, maps not getting updated, laws unchanged, and underground lines struck at record levels – what is the solution? We also look into the public face of utility damages and discuss contractors as leaders for change in our industry. Read eye-opening interview with Stephanie Menning of MUCA, filming with Q3 Contracting in MN, GPR and more!


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Building a New Chicago – with INTREN

Diverse challenges await those who excavate in an older metropolis like Chicago — abandoned lines, unstable earth, etc. — and INTREN is surely prepared to meet those challenges head on. INTREN was hired for the rehabbing of historic Fulton Market Square, which was once the meatpacking district of Chicago. Find out more about INTREN in action in the June issue of American Locator.

Little Giants, Big Hearts

In the June issue of American Locator, we revisited the site of a devastating gas explosion in Canton, IL (first covered in Vol31-1) with this exclusive follow-up on their efforts to rebuild with pride in their local community. Learn more about how a strong, local community came together and led us to question..are we doing all we can to prevent these tragedies?

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