On Call, On Time

People across the US and the world are facing an unexpected crisis as the race to contain the spread and dangers of COVID-19 continue in all sectors of our communities and the economy. The underground utility construction industry is no exception, and American Locator has taken this opportunity to delve a little deeper into some of the effects this pandemic has wrought on various stakeholders working diligently to maintain, repair and build our essential utility infrastructure. Some have seen little change in operations, while others have been more widely impacted. 

Though all face unprecedented challenges, how have some risen to the forefront as leaders and set positive examples for the industry? Damage prevention has taken on perhaps a now broader and even more important meaning when it comes to protecting workers and the public. As essential businesses that must keep utility services running, contractors, locators, engineers and others now share a heightened awareness and need for clear communication with each other and their communities to keep health and safety a top priority. 

Through one on one interviews, leaders in the industry share their own unique efforts to enhance communication and safety needs in the face of the current pandemic.

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