Backhoe Rodeo

Planet Underground took a trip to Las Vegas to film the first ever NUCA Las Vegas Backhoe Rodeo in 2023. The event took place at the “Dig This Las Vegas” amusement park and training facility, and this place is awesome! It’s listed as an amusement park because you can sign up any kid or adults to play around on backhoes and other machinery. It’s a place that encourages the youth of America to aspire to work in the construction field one day, because it can be fun!

The “Backhoe Rodeo” event was also created to inspire youth into the industry, so Dig This Las Vegas was the perfect place to host it. With an attendance of approximately 1000 people, the event was a huge success and the backhoe competition was super exciting while also difficult. With over 100 different operators from all over Las Vegas competing for first prize, it was a truly fun thing to watch. The 1st place prize was also incredible, it’s value is at around 50,000 so you can bet all of those operators were on their A game. Check out the video to see!