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American Locator – Volume 32, Issue 1


Nearly 100 professionals from over 60 companies attended Planet Underground’s Roundtable in December 2017. Together they shared a wide array of innovative ideas in unscripted, frank discussions about eliminating damages and injury from underground utility excavation. This event marks an industry-first milestone in moving discussions on damage prevention towards real-world solutions backed by technological innovation and advances in communication among all parties involved, and recognizing excavators at the forefront for change.

Read full transcripts from some of our 2017 Roundtable discussions, as well as individual interviews, and a special editorial with Letters to the Editor as our previous interview with Stephanie Menning of MUCA draws fire (See Vol.31-6.) Find an eye opening interview with long time locator Ben Wallace of USIC and his experienced insights from the world of damage prevention.


View from the Streets
Welcome to the Roundtable: The Premier Industry Networking Event

Letters to the Editor
Interview with Stephanie Menning Draws Fire
The Contractor Responds to our Lancaster PA Accident Review

Straight from the Source
Top Voices Give their Testimonials on The Roundtable as a Catalyst for Change

Featured Roundtable – Full Transcript
With Kent Kowlske (Amaren, IL), Tom Stutzman (ComEd), and Tim Pfleeger (Electric Conduit Corporation)

Best of the Best – Transcripts
Our Interviews with Industry Professionals and Highlights from Their Roundtable Discussions

The American Locator
Searching for that Fighting Chance: An Interview with Ben Wallace of USIC

Excavation Safety
On the Road to Damage Prevention: The 811 Car and 811 Bike