American Locator Single Issues

American Locator – Volume 30, Issue 1



A View from the Underspace

The American Excavator
My First Dig: A Day Spent with Intren Crews

The International Locator
Man at Work: An Interview with Damian Taylor

How Things Work
Omnidirectional Receivers: Getting a Comprehensive

View Underground
The American Locator

Smart and Lucky:
Searching for Spiny Lobsters, the Titanic and Safer Methods of Locating with Mark Olsson

811 Director Profiles
An Interview with J.D. Maniscalso

Locating Technology
Changing The Game: The History of the 810 Locator

The Utility Operator
PAPA and the Pipeline Industry

The American Excavator
Straight Talk About Straight Bars: Bolstering Hazard Assessments at Dig Sites

Excavation Safety
A Model for the Future? Pennsylvania Gets Proactive with Pipeline Safety

Planet Underground TV

The Roundtable

Locating Technology
Must Be the Season of the Witch