American Locator Single Issues

American Locator – Volume 31, Issue 4


In this issue, we bring you a closer look into some top products and technology in damage prevention from 2017, including NEPTCO and their booming tracer wire business as well as a close look at VAC Group’s groundbreaking Soil Transfer System in Australia, a smart vacuum excavation system that dramatically improves productivity, cost efficiency and reduces environmental impact. Read these stories and more.


View from the Streets
Mid-Year Product Review: Tools of the Trade

Excavation Safety
Extraordinary Times and Locating Lines

The International Excavator
Examining VAC Group’s Groundbreaking Soil Transfer System

Planet Underground TV
“We” are the Solution to Preventing Damages

How Things Work
Understanding Gain and High Dynamic Range Locating

The American Locator
Mike Ryan, Chief Engineer, Retires from Pipehorn

Locating Technology
Easy Functionality and Fast Results: The Quantum Imager GPR

Excavation Safety
Integrating GIS Assets Improves the Damage Prevention Process

Excavation Safety
Discovering a Simpler Path to Jobsite Risk Management

Locating Technology
What do the Apollo Mission and Utility Locates Have in Common?

The International Locator
Case Studies in the Detection of Non-Metallic Objects