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American Locator – Volume 31, Issue 2


2017 saw volumes of articles being published in both print and online magazines, journals, and blogs detailing emerging “tech trends” to look forward to in the upcoming year. For instance, Forbes magazine alone printed no less than half a dozen articles examining the big trends to follow in 2017, and the usual suspects were all well represented: virtual reality, cloud storage, intelligent apps, drones, AI evolution, cybersecurity and so on.

But what does this mean for the world of underground utility damage prevention? After all, this is an industry where a shovel is still considered a reliable and safe tool to reduce damages. This is also an industry that is seemingly resistant to major change, both on the technological and philosophical side.

Despite these obstacles, some major advances have been made recently in damage prevention technology and there are clear trends emerging in this market. Whether they become adopted as everyday standards remains to be seen, but in this issue of American Locator we will examine some of these forward-looking trends, and some of the products and devices and ideas that may bring us into the future.


View From the Streets
Smaller, Faster, Stronger, Better

The American Locator
Bob Bishop of Flagshooter

Locating Technology
Evolving to Meet the Challenges of the Data Revolution

Locating Technology
Very High Frequency Inductive Locating—Friend or Foe?

Director Profiles
An Interview with Louis Panzer, Director of North Carolina 811

Excavation Spotlight
On the Front Lines of Safety: Electric Conduit Construction

Locating Technology
Acoustic Pipe Locating: A future Trend for Challenging Situations

Locating Technology
Connected Infrastructure is the Next Wave