American Locator Single Issues

American Locator – Volume 30, Issue 3



A View from the Streets
My Kind of Town

The American Excavator
Having All the Pieces: Going Locating with INTREN Crews

How Things Work
The Value of Locating with Gradients

The International Locator
Robust Technologies: Talking Locating with Tony Simpson of VAC Group

The American Locator
Tech Talk with Dennis

The American Engineer
Visions for the Future: Mapping in Chicago With HBK Engineering

The System Operator
Reaching for Zero: Talking Damage Reductions With Frank Bedtke

811 Director Profiles
An Interview with Jai Kalayil

Digging Dangers

How Things Work
Fantastic Concepts in the City That Works: Ways of Smarter Damage Prevention with Chicago’s Office of Underground Coordination

Planet Underground TV
Takes Their Filming to New Heights

Locating Technology
Precautionary Steps Necessary for Precise, Safe Locating