The Roundtable Short: Stop Pointing Fingers

May 21st, 2019 | The Roundtable

In this short video “The Roundtable: Stop Pointing Fingers,” something we hear at The Roundtable event every year is “We’ve got to stop pointing fingers at each other and work together to prevent damages.” Well if everyone actually cared, maybe they would provide more information to the contractor before the job even starts. Utilities are spending millions of dollars and tons of man hours creating intricate utility maps, but they won’t provide them to the excavators doing the work, because they could be held liable if their information was inaccurate. Don’t you think your chances of avoiding a damage all together would go down if you provided the best information and maps available so excavators can get the job done safely?
This video features commentary from professionals at The Roundtable 2018: Frank Bedtke of the Greater Chicago Damage Prevention Council, Tony Gradi of Electric Conduit Construction, Bill Johnson of Xcel Energy and Frank Sintich of Benchmark Construction.
(4:41 in length)
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