Thank you to all our sponsors and attendees
for a fantastic 2020 Roundtable Live!

Don’t miss us this year at The Utility Expo!
Louisville, KY September 28-30, 2021 

Utility Expo press release
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About the Event

Nowhere else can you come to one place and see industry-leading utility contractors doing such things as pot-holing underground facilities, staging cross-bore demonstrations, and installing utility lines. Building a communal, mutually beneficial atmosphere—where end users mingle with their tool and equipment makers at a jobsite—has been the critical achievement of The Roundtable Live! 



It’s not just an 811 locator spraying paint. A lot of work goes into keeping a job site free of costly, dangerous underground utility strikes, beginning with a proper utility design.


Whether open trench or directional drilling, job safety demands that all public and private underground lines must be exposed before excavation begins. Vacuum excavation and associated tools are fast becoming the preferred way to get that job done.


It’s not always easy getting a new utility line from Point A to Point B, but construction equipment manufacturers are making that job easier all the time. Plus, with all the tools to record new line location and elevation, we’re making it safer for the next generation.