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American Locator – Volume 33, Issue 2


In Volume 33 Issue 2, read our special editorial on the continuing epidemic of utility strike incidents across the nation, focusing this month on the recent tragic strike in Durham, NC in which lives were lost and numerous injuries left us reeling.

 PLUS: Read Part 2 of the full transcript from our featured final Roundtable 2018 event panel; view photos from Planet Underground TV’s onsite coverage of Staking U locator training with On The Spot Locating in Evansville, Indiana; read an insightful article from Dennis Presbindowski, GPR expert, on assessing depths, learn some top job site documentation tips and a look into GPR use on an archaeological dig in historic Jamestown.


View from the Streets
Mayhem in Durham: Remembering the Fallen

Digging Dangers
Homerville Update: Fines Levied

Planet Underground TV
On the Spot in Evansville, IN: Locator Training with Staking U

Locating Technology
Depths to Utility Targets as Determined by GPR Imaging: A Field Study of Factors that Affect Depth Calculations

Excavation Safety
Damage Prevention is a Process: All in is the Only Way Forward

Locating Technology
GSSI Collaborates with Jamestown Rediscovery Foundation

The American Locator
New to Locating? Getting the Most Out of Your Experience

The Roundtable 2018: Tech Transcript
Matt McHugh, Thano Tziforos, Adam Daugherty, Nick Holly

The Roundtable 2018: Final Panel, Part 2
Fred LeSage, Ted Andersen, Dennis Jarnecke, Dave Van Wy, Jemmie Wange, Stephanie Menning

Excavation Safety
A Safe Digging Tribute: Claudette Campbell of Georgia 811