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American Locator – Volume 33, Issue 1


Over 100 professionals from over 60 companies attended Planet Underground’s Roundtable in December 2018. Together they shared a wide array of innovative ideas in unscripted, frank discussions about eliminating damages and injury from underground utility excavation. This event marks an industry-first milestone in moving discussions on damage prevention towards real-world solutions backed by technological innovation and advances in communication among all parties involved, and recognizing excavators at the forefront for change.

WHAT WE STAND FOR: Discover top positions for change and real industry action proposed by Planet Underground, drawn from conversations by Roundtable participants on six recurrent key topics including and FIND supporting and opposing viewpoints on these issues in select quotes taken from the event.

PLUS, find Part 1 of the full transcript from our featured final event panel and behind the scenes photos!


View from the Streets
Positions from The Roundtable 2018: The Premier Industry Networking Event

The Roundtable 2018 Positions:

  • Create a Standardized Procedure for Excavators to Obtain Maps
  • Designate a Central Repository and System of Reporting for Underground Asset Location Data
  • Develop a Baseline National Certification Standard for Utility Locators and Contractors
  • Adopt a Set of National Standards for One-Call Laws
  • Require Visula Verification of All Underground Utility Lines Before Excavation
  • Institute Mandatory Reporting of All Damages

Straight from the Source
Top Voices Share Their Insights from The Roundtable 2018

The Roundtable 2018: Snapshots
Behind the Scenes Photos of Damage Prevention in Action

Featured Roundtable – Final Panel Transcript, Part 1
Fred LeSage, Ted Andersen, Dennis Jarnecke, Dave Van Wy, Jemmie Wange, Stephanie Menning

The Roundtable Live! 2019
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