American Locator Single Issues

American Locator – Volume 30, Issue 2



A View from the Streets
What is the American Locator?

How Things Work
Live Wires and Dead Zones
Talking GPR with Dennis Prezbindowski

Excavation Safety
Digging Dangers: Exposed!

The American Locator
The Utility Utility Man: Coming Full Circle with Kemp Garcia

Excavation Safety
The Pros and Cons of Potholing: Examining Safer Methods of Excavating

811 Director Profiles
An Interview with Sam Johnson

Digging Dangers

The American Locator
A Journey Into the Subsurface: Locating Amazing Things with Dennis Prezbindowski

The American Engineer
When Engineers Become Locators

Locating Technology
New Vemeer by McLaughlin VerifierTM G3 Brings Speed, Simplicity to Locating