American Locator Single Issues

American Locator – Volume 32, Issue 4


In Volume 32-4, a response to the editorial from Fred LeSage in Vol. 32-3. And we agree, that progress is yet to be made in preventing damages. View our photo essay of the Planet Underground signature summer outdoor excavation safety networking and demo event at Planet Underground, The Roundtable Live, bringing contractors onsite to demonstrate their top practices for damage prevention. Read also more on the gas line strike in Sun Prairie, WI this summer, an interview with Charles Hamm of Lonestar Locating and Justin Maloney of Patriot Pipeline Safety.


A View from the Streets
A New Mindset for Damage Prevention: A Reader Responds and Reminds Us of What We are Fighting For

Excavation Safety
The Roundtable Live! 2018 – Picnic at the Jobsite: A Photo Essay and Vision for Action

Planet Underground TV
Sun Prairie Strong: A Community in Shock as Excavation Brings Devastation in Sun Prairie, WI

The American Locator
Locating where the Rubber Meets the Road: An Interview with Charles Hamm, Founder of Lonestar Locating

The System Operator
Patriot Pipeline Safety: One Man’s Vision for Pipeline Safety Training Excellence