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American Locator – Volume 32, Issue 2


Mapping, tracking, data storage, virtual reality, training advances/changes and product innovations: where will our industry be in the next 5-10 years? In Volume 32-2, Future Tech Trends, explore our features on UTTO’s Locate Simulator and how virtual reality tech may revolutionize locator training, locate ticket risk analytics, Nashville’s Google Fiber coordination efforts, cross bore mitigation and sewer cam technology.

Read full transcripts from some of our 2017 Roundtable discussions, as well as individual interviews, and our special interview with Lindsay Sander on the creation of the National Excavator Initiative. Their new Safe Excavator App will provide an exciting new tool to find state-specific information on locate requirements and safe digging tips.


View from the Streets
Technology Will Force Change: Are We Ready?

Locating Technology
Putting Smart Technology to Work with UTTO

Roundtable Review
Training for the Future – Technology Transcript

The American Excavator
Searching for Better Ways: The National Excavator Initiative

Planet Underground TV
Going Underground with Pipe View America

The American Locator
How Valuable are Professional Locators?

How Things Work
Winning the Game: Predictive Analytics Evens the Odds

Roundtable Spotlight
Peter Masters, GSSI

Roundtable Review
The New Data Workflow – Technology Transcript

The American Locator
Nashville’s Google Fiber Coordination Efforts

Roundtable Spotlight
Mike Konsinski, Berntesen International

How Things Work
Lights On: The Path to Replacing Paint and Flags

Roundtable Spotlight
Tom Hall, KorTerra

Excavation Safety
A New Vehicle for Damage Prevention