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American Locator – Volume 31, Issue 3


In this issue, we examine different approaches to the challenges we face and solutions we employ to reduce damages around the world. Listening and learning from others in our industry brings us all closer to our ultimate goal of better safety through improved communication and shared innovation.

Our feature story covers PelicanCorp in Australia and an exclusive, in-depth interview with CEO Duane Rodgers as he brings us inside the global company and their strategies and future vision for one-call centers around the world. We learn more about one-call procedures, digging/locate regulation and mapping around the world with a comprehensive article from SeeScan. We cover a global humanitarian initiative from Schonstedt and interview Jack Beach, Director R&D and Manufacturing of VAC Group in Australia.

Keeping touch with local issues, we follow up on our Episode 4 feature on INTREN – Building a New Chicago as they put safety first in excavating in a web of complex big city infrastructure. We revisit the site of a devastating gas explosion in Canton, IL (first covered in Vol31-1) with this exclusive follow-up on their efforts to rebuild with pride in their local community. We interview public and private officials at the 811-Chicago Block Party and learn more about the city’s efforts to build recognition for calling before you dig.



View from the Streets
Going Global

Special Interview
Proven Process: Exploring the World of Damage Prevention with Duane Rodgers of PelicanCorp

The International Locator
Underground Around the World

The International Locator
Underground Locating and Global Humanitarian Demining

Excavation Safety
Excavating Tales from Down Under: The Vac Group Origin Story

The American Excavator
Building a New Chicago: Send City Safety with INTREN

Planet Underground TV
Little Giants and Big Hearts: The Rebuilding of Canton, IL

Excavation Safety
811 Chicago Block Party: Connecting Communities, Creating Opportunity

Locating Technology
How RFID will Forever Change the Face of Locating Subsurface Infrastructure

Excavation Safety
The 811 Bike and 811 Car: Damage Prevention Icons