Meet in the Middle: Planet Underground at The Utility Expo 2021

“Through its relaxed, peer-to-peer learning environment, The Jobsite promotes a positive, meeting-in-the-middle approach to solving damage prevention issues.”
-Planet Underground

Planet Underground is a knowledge-sharing organization focused on underground utility damage prevention. We strive to produce media and networking events that offer easily accessible training solutions for detecting and avoiding underground utility lines. Our networking events provide valuable peer-to-peer learning experiences.

The Roundtable Live! 2020 jobsite view

Attendees have the chance to learn from their peers at The Roundtable Live! event at Planet Underground in 2020.

The phrase “detecting and avoiding underground utility lines” conjures up the notion that there are two sides to the problems that exist in damage prevention. Indeed, there are: the owners of underground pipe and cable systems and those that dig around them. Legislation creates ground rules for the two sides to follow during the excavation process, but vexing safety issues exist that cannot and will not be solved through legislation.

Planet Underground believes that the way forward is through education. The good news is that owners and excavators essentially need the same knowledge for success, because “detection and avoidance” are one in the same. The things we do, whether though video, print, live broadcast, or face-to-face gatherings, are all designed to educate. Our mission is simple: create an educational repository that addresses the common needs of owners and excavators and provide access to this repository through multiple platforms.

This fall, in service of that mission, Planet Underground is partnering with The Utility Expo to offer a unique networking event called The Jobsite, offering hands-on education to excavators and other underground utility professionals.

The Utility Expo 2021 overview map revised

The Jobsite is where Expo attendees, manufacturers, utility contractors and service providers meet in the middle. Located at the midpoint of Lot K and Lot E, just outside the Broadbent Arena, The Jobsite features underground utility design, utility locating, vacuum excavation and installation of new underground infrastructure. Through its relaxed, peer-to-peer learning environment, The Jobsite promotes a positive, meeting-in-the-middle approach to solving damage prevention issues.

The Jobsite offers a chance to sample products and practice your skills in utility design, utility locating, vacuum excavation and installation of underground utilities in a familiar and relaxed setting. Find the best products and techniques to deliver the right services for your particular business, and reduce costs while increasing efficiency and safety for your customers and the public.

Continuing the success of its former incarnation as The Roundtable Live! held each summer at Planet Underground, The Jobsite offers service providers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to gain knowledge and experience from those they trust the most, their peers.

Planet Underground is always looking for value to deliver to their event attendees, and their events at the Utility Expo are no exception. Providing a valuable educational experience like no other, Planet Underground will be combining the outdoor live learning experience of The Jobsite with its live audience and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing event, The Roundtable.

Located in the Broadbent Arena next door to The Jobsite, The Roundtable is a filmed event featuring a rotating cast of four diverse stakeholders engaged in unscripted conversation. Fixing the industry’s growing issue with underground utility damage is always the topic, but not everyone agrees on the solution. But the peer-to-peer learning never stops, as the stakeholders strive to meet in the middle.

Roundtable at the Utility Expo 2021 floor chart

Floorchart for The Roundtable, Broadbent Arena at The Utility Expo 2021.

Sponsorships of The Jobsite are limited to service providers for the utility industry. However, equipment manufacturers will join us for The Roundtable, as we feature high-level executives from some of the biggest suppliers of equipment to the utility marketplace.

We hope you’ll “meet us in the middle” September 28 at The Utility Expo 2021 for both of these unparalleled damage prevention events, The Jobsite and The Roundtable!

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