Damage Investigations

November 1st, 2018 | Industry Shorts, Locating

Safe practices demonstrations were a major part of The Roundtable Live! 2018 summer excavation safety event at Planet Underground. Dave Conover and Carl Parks, one-call enforcement investigators from the Illinois Commerce Commission, demonstrate how to do a proper underground excavation damage investigation. Often they get photos and other evidence from the utility owners, but not much information from the excavator or average home owner.
The ICC investigators review guidelines for safe digging tolerance zones and how to measure the distance from locate marks to the dig area. They give instruction on how to take photos of locate marks leading up to and away from the damaged area at a dig site. Photos should be straight on, not angled. If no marks exist right at the dig location, find the closest possible mark to the damaged location and pull a string tight to dig area.
Circle locate marks still left onsite used for the investigation with additional marking paint.
For complex areas with a large trench, a plumb bob can be used to measure depths.
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