The Roundtable: Learn From Me

May 21st, 2019 | The Roundtable

In this short video “The Roundtable: Learn From Me” utilities, as well as the cities and municipalities that hire contractors to dig in their area, must be more educated about the type of work they are requesting from contractors. If the contractor tells them that it is absolutely necessary to dig up the street, to make sure to avoid any damages, then whoever is hiring them should trust their judgement, because they don’t often realize the complexity and potential dangers of the job. Because a lot of utilities and municipalities rely on the lowest-bid contractors brought in to do the job, the potential for disaster increases sharply. Utility owners and excavators need open and informed communication about potential job site hazards.
This video features commentary from a major utility contractor at The Roundtable 2018: Greg Preisch of Electric Conduit Construction.
(3:01 in length)
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