The Perception: Featured Discussion

Roundtable Participants:
Carl Oko (Rabine Group), Tony Gradi (Electric Conduit Construction), Bill Kukurin (NUCA Pennsylvania), Shane Higgins (John Burns Construction)

Matt Monroe (Pipehorn), Ron LaBarca (US Radar)

Is the perception that it is “always” the contractor’s fault an accurate or fair one? How can contractors change the stigma, perceived or real, that they are the cause of all damages?

Tony: No, it’s not always the contractor’s fault. But is it perceived that way? Absolutely. Because what do you see on the news? You see a house on fire, a neighborhood flooded, a building being destroyed, blown up, and they lead the story up with, “Construction company hits gas main, blows up building.“ They all think we’re reckless, but that’s not how it really is.

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