The Journey: Featured Discussion

Roundtable Panel Participants:
Mark Gallucci (Digital Control Inc.), Mark Whelan (SeeScan), David Tidball (ComEd), John Hass (Veit & Company, Inc.), Mike Purpura (Electric Conduit Construction), Nick Bruhn (TRUVAC), Roger Rehayem (HBK Engineering), Steve Brazel (John Burns Construction)

Mike Martin (SeeScan), Fred LeSage (AXA XL), Don Plosser (Pipehorn)

In The Roundtable Panels, moderators and audience members presented their own unique questions to the panel members based on the event topic.

What limitations are posed by current law or regulation that are keeping us from reaching zero damages?

Dave: Not using the existing laws to hold people accountable, in essence, because our house may not be clean. People don’t want to tell on each other.

Nick: To expand on that a little bit too, with data reporting, if we don’t know the cause of all these strikes, how are we supposed to fix them? A common theme throughout this whole event has been communication. If we do have 100 percent reporting, at some point, then at least we can pinpoint where those big areas of improvement are needed. We’re just not there yet. 

John: I think we need a level playing field. Right now, if the contractor were held liable, we could get fined, suffer downtime and lost resources if we hit a gas line or anything like that. If we have downtime, we’re just stuck there with no recourse. Having a level playing field, with financial recourse between an operator and excavator, would help out—if we’re all playing by the same rules.

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