The COVID Effect

COVID-19 seemed to show up out of nowhere and immediately had an effect on how we worked and lived our daily lives. Six months ago, if you’d told me we would see construction workers wearing surgical face masks while they were putting fiber in the ground, I’d have said you were nuts. But here we are. Anyway, this entire event just goes to show how fast things can change when there is an impetus. And that got me thinking about parallels in the damage prevention world. I was reading American Locator’s Roundtable 2019 Review issue, and I was struck by the similarities.

Flattening the Curve
When we started out on this coronavirus journey, we said we wanted to “flatten the curve.” We needed to slow the spread of the virus so that the medical system wouldn’t be overwhelmed by massive numbers of people sickened by the virus all at once. To do that, we more or less inconvenienced everyone and literally damaged some businesses by reducing their capacity or limiting their ability to sell their products and services. Despite the inconvenience and sacrifice, the thought was that it was worthwhile for the public good.

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