American Locator Single Issues

American Locator – Volume 32, Issue 5


In Volume 32-5, Planet Underground TV goes on the road with companies impacting damage prevention in the locating and engineering fields utilizing new technology and improved best practices in the field. We highlight a locate audit collaboration between Illinois utility Ameren and URG locators, while URG professionals demonstrate the use of some groundbreaking performance tracking software. Learn more about Berntsen International with our behind the scenes factory tour and one on one with president Mike Klonsinski. Find an interview with Richard Broome, Managing Director of LSBUD UK, and it’s future forward with a look into AR technology! All this, and more!


View from the Streets
The Stakes Have Never Been Higher

Planet Underground TV
Scene 1: A 3-D Universe – LIDAR on the Horizon for Utility Mapping
Scene 2: Audit in Action – Taking Damage Prevention to the Next Level

Locating Technology
Locate AssuranceTM: UTTO’s Next Gen Solution for Field Tech Training

The American Engineer
Form the Roundtable: Mark Olsson Weighs in with Bold Predictions on the Future of Finding Things

The American Locator
Innovation Powers Berntsen’s Rise to Global Leadership in Utility Marking Products

One-Call Profiles
Making a Difference: A Talk with Richard Broome, Managing Director of “Line Search Before U Dig” UK

Locating Technology
Preventing Damage to Underground Utilities with Augmented Reality

Locating Technology
Rising Expectations: Technology and New Decisions for Municipalities