Episode 6 Designing Zero Damages
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Episode 6: Designing Zero Damages

In Episode 6: Designing Zero Damages we take a look at what goes into the design and safe construction of a vital infrastructure project with HBK Engineering in downtown Chicago. We talk with an HBK locator mapping fiber locates into a GIS mapping system and interview HBK VP Jim Jackson on a fiber job in downtown Chicago. Locate, design, verify, build. All this and more goes into the ultimate goal of making of a consolidated base map of all utilities. HBK is showing us the way, getting it done, today. Accuracy in data collection, smart design, and the sharing of data from survey through construction by all parties involved must lead the future of damage prevention. Damage prevention begins at the design phase. 

3 thoughts on “Episode 6: Designing Zero Damages

  1. I had the great opportunity to listen to Mike whilst he was presenting at the inaugural utility damage prevention conference held in Australia and organised by NULCA recently and he is a passionate man with vast amounts of knowledge and experiences to share in this emerging field that it was a real privilege to listen to his views on the methodologies developed by Staking U in regards to EMF locating.
    This innovation is another example of the foresight and determination shown by Mike to bring damage prevention to the forefront of all utility owners project plans as well as maintenance.

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