Drilling Through Obstacles

Planet Underground TV – On the Road
with John Burns Construction

As the entire world struggles with the immense adversity brought on by a global pandemic with seemingly no end in sight, we’ve been deciding as a society what jobs and businesses are truly essential on a daily basis. In America, stay-at-home orders and other safety procedures were put in place across the country to encourage people to stay at home and practice social distancing. Because of these actions taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19, one could argue that the maintenance and efficiency of underground utilities is more important now than ever.

With much of the world economy coming to a screeching halt, the underground utility industry must continue on as normal, taking extra precautions to safeguard workers and the public. This May, Planet Underground TV traveled to Joliet, Illinois to check out how John Burns Construction was getting jobs done with new guidelines in place. We spoke to Jay Fishback, project foreman,  about the process of trying to bore through rock underground in order to install a fiber line. While it’s difficult enough drilling through solid rock, there were new obstacles the crew had to deal with in order to ensure the safety of everyone working.

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