(Creating the Circuit) Moving the Transmitter

Here, we’re locating a plastic service line, the tracer wire, to a steel main. But a section of the steel main we cannot locate
(Figures 21-22). To be able to locate the eastward leg of the steel main, we’re going to have to move the transmitter, because no matter what frequency we utilize on the tracer wire, we’re always going to turn west at the tap (Figure 23). 

The reason is, there’s not a whole lot of length of the steel main going east before it transfers to a plastic main. At this hook-up, we’re able to hook to the red lead which is connected to the steel gas main. We’re also able to ground to the yellow wire,
which is the tracer wire for the plastic main. The red wire and black wire are interchangeable, since the transmitter emits
alternating current (Figure 24).

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