(Creating the Circuit) Isolation and Bonding

One of the things that can be done to change the results of a locate is to change the grounding of the target utility. Here, we are going to separate the grounds of three copper telephone lines, and while doing so, we’re also going to remove those lines from the grounded pedestal. We’re going to conductively locate on 8 kHz, and we’ll select the desired current of 20 mA  (Figure 23). 

While doing a 360-degree sweep around the pedestal, we pick up a lot of signal on what appears to be a southbound telephone leg (Figure 24). 

But we also pick up a lot of signal on this northbound leg (Figure 25). We’ll follow it out: the cable direction starts north, then changes to the east. We have good current, and we have a round field, because peak and null agree. Ahead, we can see a visual and logical endpoint (Figure 26).

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