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Archived American Locator Issues can be distributed to audiences in the United States and Canada up to six times each year with useful information to share with your teams. View some of our recent issues at the links below to learn how you can help prevent jobsite damages. Check out the online archives of the American Locator Magazine to stay current with all damage prevention news of 2017. These issues of American Locator will help you look into the public face of utility damages and discuss contractors as leaders for change in our industry. We look at everything from products that will help lower damages to the companies that are truly dedicated to damage prevention. The product reviews discuss tools of the trade and help all industry professionals which tools are the best in the industry.

Volume 33 Issue 1 – Feb./March 2019: The Roundtable Review

Volume 32 – 2018
Issue 6 | Issue 5 | Issue 4 | Issue 3 | Issue 2 | Issue 1

Volume 31 – 2017
Issue 6 | Issue 5 | Issue 4 | Issue 3 | Issue 2 | Issue 1

Volume 30 – 2016
Issue 3 | Issue 2 | Issue 1