Making a Safer Future Happen Through Knowledge Sharing

Our Mutual Mission

Planet Underground’s annual event, The Roundtable, attracts the brightest minds and most innovative voices in Damage Prevention to discuss critical topics and exchange new ideas. The Roundtable is a catalyst for conversation on actions that will make the industry safer. Your opinion matters, whether a supplier, engineer, facility owner, contractor, locator, or other vital component of underground utility construction.

Professional excavating and locating is important, difficult and sometimes dangerous work. At Planet Underground, we aim to bring the best and most up-to-date information directly from the source to our readers and viewers to help improve jobsite safety and work satisfaction.

Many professionals are involved in the design, installation, protection and maintenance of underground utilities. Planet Underground gives voices to these individuals to share their stories in order to build trust, enhance expertise and develop stronger, more open-minded relationships. By exploring all aspects of the utility industry and the world of damage prevention, we hope to bring about a greater understanding of all aspects of the business.

Efficiency is paramount in the construction industry, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of safety. Utility professionals are pushed harder and harder to move quickly, but excavators also play a crucial role in reducing damages on a construction site. We examine this issue from all sides, bringing strategies for increasing overall productivity without compromising safety to help you do your job safely and quickly.

Planet Underground Evolving

Planet Underground was formed when our affiliate, Staking University—a program offering training courses for professionals to get hands-on experience—was combined with our magazine, previously named Underground Focus. The magazine was founded in 1986 with a mission to help excavators and locators understand the opportunities available to them in their role in preventing jobsite damages.

In 2001, Planet Underground was established to bring new stories of industry professionals to life on screen. In 2016, our magazine became American Locator to emphasize the importance of being aware of utility locations in overall damage prevention. With print, digital and video communications firmly established and always rooted in education, we continue to push forward to expand our offerings and provide new insights with events such as our annual Roundtable of experts and other unique opportunities.