The Roundtable: The Technology is Already Here
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The Roundtable: The Technology is Already Here

In this short video “The Roundtable: The Technology is Already Here,” with the use of new technologies for locators and 3-D mapping, the ability to record data at the push of a button is something that’s never been available to the industry in the past. Does it mean that if your locator or excavator has the newest equipment, that they will never make errors? Of course not, but it will always lessen the chances of them making a mistake.

Imagine if we could take our location from Google Maps, and overlay a 3D map of underground utilities so that people in the field can pull out their phone and see where everything is. Well that technology is available today, but if utilities don’t stop worrying about liability avoidance and start caring about what’s best for everyone in the industry, it’s going to be difficult. Maybe all stakeholders need to come together to make the change, before legislation needs to get involved.

This video features commentary from professionals at The Roundtable 2018: Matt McHugh of Opvantek, Nick Holly of PelicanCorp, Adam Daugherty of Utility Resource Group, and Thano Tziforos of American Survey and Engineering.

(3:30 in length)

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