The Roundtable: The Real Loser
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The Roundtable: The Real Loser

In this short video “The Roundtable: The Real Loser,” other regions in the world have a different damage prevention system than in the United States. For example, in many other countries, excavators take responsibility for locating all utilities that they are going to be excavating around. These same excavators are also given maps by their customers, the utilities, so they have a good idea of where everything is and can avoid damages. It seems that there’s a little more trust between all parties involved in the construction of underground utilities in areas where maps are shared and excavators take the lead on locating. Maybe the United States could learn some valuable lessons from these practices.

This video features commentary from a top professional at The Roundtable 2018: Neil Costello of Vac Group Australia.

(3:30 in length)

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