The Roundtable: Crossing Every Single Service
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The Roundtable: Crossing Every Single Service

In this short video, “The Roundtable: Crossing Every Single Service,” we have an industry analyst with no excavation experience talking with a group of contractors about some real world challenges and questions on ROI that come up frequently during utility installation projects. Excavators can provide all utilities a golden opportunity to locate and map their facilities in the future by marking locations while all the lines are exposed. But do they take advantage of this? It’s a question that would seem to have an obvious answer, but like everything in the utilities industry, nothing is that simple.

At The Roundtable, we try to bring people together from all sides of the underground utility construction industry, so people can interact with others they normally wouldn’t have the chance to in their day to day work. Well, right here is a great example of that.

This short video features participants from The Roundtable 2018: Frank Sintich of Benchmark Construction, Jemmie Wang of Bizmetrix, Jeff Larson of Electric Conduit Construction and Kevin Basham of NPL Construction.

(3:24 in length)

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