Testimonials and Photos

For more great photos and transcripts, read The Roundtable 2018 Special Issue of American Locator magazine, featuring over 100 professionals from across the industry, transcripts from the event, photos, commentary and more great testimonials. Thank you to all who contributed their time and expertise to this unique experience!

Photos from The Roundtable 2018

North Table - The Roundtable 2018  - Sponsors on Backdrop

Setting up for Panel and North Roundtable

Legacy Sponsors of The Roundtable 2018

Legacy Sponsors of The Roundtable 2018

L to R: Mike Parilac, Neil Costello, Mark Olsson, Fred LeSage

Crowds gather at The Roundtable 2018

Crowds gather at The Roundtable 2018

L to R: Bill Johnson, Tony Gradi, Frank Bedtke, Frank Sintich

L to R: Cory Mass, Simon Pedley, Mike Klonsinski, Eric Bergstrom

L to R: Kelvin Cherrington, Mark Olsson, Mark Mason, Don Plosser

L to R: Frank Sintich, Jemmie Wang, Jeff Larson, Kevin Basham

L to R: Duane Rodgers, Ted “Ski” Verdun, Dan Germeraad, Steve Brazel

Weds. panel discussion with Tom Auger, Peter Masters, Nick Mathey, Adam Zeciri, Kelvin Caudell, Dan Cempel

L to R: Mark Olsson, Ivan Hofer, Craig Schoen, Joe McHugh

South Roundtable in progress

L to R: Stephanie Menning, Drew Yando, Tracy Pursell, Steve Rienks

L to R: Jake Jeffords, Bob Bishop, Darrell Lee, Perry Tillman

Table, L to R: Brian Mattson, Tony Sileo, Jai Kalayil, David Deplaris

Moderators: Lawrence Arcand and Eric Bergstrom

L to R: Mark Benz, Cory Mass, Skip McIntosh, Johnathan Brock

L to R: Jim Holzer, Dan Ramir, Justin Reed, Jay Fishback

Closing panel with (L to R) Fred LeSage, Dave Van Wy, Jemmie Wang, Ted Andersen, Dennis Jarnecke, Stephanie Menning