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Going the Extra Mile to Make Sure Your Crew Goes Home Safe!

Going the Extra Mile to Make Sure Your Crew Goes Home Safe:

Hear how attention to detail in construction helped avoid the shutdown of O’Hare Airport and how, when it comes to excavation safety, assumptions can kill you. As utility and telecommunication excavating accidents continue to occur with deadly consequences, due diligence in the work place and going the extra mile at work is vital to making sure your crew goes home safe. Due diligence in the work place is a vital component of damage prevention.

During an excavation job at O’Hare in Chicago, electric power supplied to the large international airport was potentially at risk, as Electric Conduit Construction conducted drilling and digging activity onsite. Foreman Tony Gradi remarked that his crews always do their due diligence. They take the time to verify locate marks on the jobsite. The crews also use safety measures such as vacuum excavation and hand digging to expose electric conduit underground. In this way, they are protecting, vital utility services and keep their workers and the public safe.

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