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Global Damage Prevention 2018

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Do we need a new mindset when it comes to damage prevention? How can we learn from those in segments of our industry we may not interact with day to day, at home and abroad? We’re excited to bring you Volume 32-3, Global Damage Prevention 2018 as we strive to provide education and information to make work crew and public safety our joint mission and number one priority. We see the excavator’s voice and insight as key to significant change.

– A New Mindset for Damage Prevention – Fred LeSage, Senior Construction Risk Engineering Consultant of XL Catlin gives a passionate perspective on how the underground infrastructure industry needs to change its priority to zero acceptable losses. Any damage can be catastrophic, financially and in loss to life and property.

– Vermeer: A Proud Tradition of Global Innovation – Travel with us behind the scenes at Vermeer’s U.S. headquarters in Pella, IA as we film and interview with top voices getting insights into their history, factory operations, HDD Training Program, virtual training simulator, GIS/GPS integration and more!

– The National Excavator Initiative: Part 2 – Lights..Camera…811! – We give you an exclusive on the latest action by the NEI to bring better 811 and safe digging awareness to excavators and the public through their exciting new media collaboration.

Education on GPR Techniques and Tips, Global Standards and more topics on the future of our industry.

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