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Future Tech TrendsĀ 

In Volume 32-2, we present technology focused transcripts of featured discussions from The Roundtable 2017 along with other articles on the future of damage prevention. View pages from the upcoming issue.


Mapping, tracking, data storage, virtual reality, training advances/changes and product innovations…where will our industry be in the next 5-10 years? We’re excited to bring you Volume 32-2, Future Tech Trends as we strive to provide education and information to make work crew and public safety our joint mission and number one priority. We see the excavator’s voice and insight as key to significant change. Learn more from articles on the National Excavator Initiative, ticket risk analytics, and Nashville’s Google Fiber coordination efforts. Read about the changing nature of excavator/locator training, integration of GIS/GPS technologies, how “The Cloud” will continue to impact safety planning, and more, as we present more featured discussions from The Roundtable 2017. Find out how you can be part of The Roundtable here, including registration for December 2018, sponsorship and videos. Subscribe to American Locator today, and don’t miss an exciting issue! Subscribe to our YouTube channel and catch our latest TV episodes on topics covered in this and other issues.